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Potential oil Filter Failure?

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Did an oil/filter change yesterday and noticed an inner seal/gasket had worked itself loose. Never seen that before. Thought I would post a picture and see if I can learn what it might mean, if anything. The loose piece is the folded up gasket which appears to have originally been stretched around the inner collar. I hope it didn't interfere with the proper functioning of the backflow preventer.  I had been running Valvoline VR1 2050w oil but did add a few oz of Marvel Mystery Oil about 300 miles before the oil change for S & G's. Last engine oil change about 5500 miles ago.





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I think it’s a sign that Mahle filters aren’t as well made as they used to be (though compare with the inside of a Fram filter). 


Diffilcult to say whether that seal being displaced has allowed a path for unfiltered oil to go around. Maybe google image search to see if you can find a sectioned drawing of that filter to try and work out what it does. You can’t wind back the clock now, so slap a new in on, fill up and drive it. 





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Hmm, haven't seen that before.  But I'm also still using up old stock filters I've had for years...


There usually isn't much pressure across the filter media- there's a LOT of it relative to the

amount of flow, and the paper itself would give before there was enough pressure

to displace a properly- assembled rubber gasket in that location- it just doesn't see much

total pressure.


So I too vote poopy assembly- if you're feeling up to it, cut open a new one, and see how

it's fitting.  I suppose it could have shrunk, too, from improper chemistry...



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