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INTEGRITY…. I have bought thousands of dollars and sold here also. However, have lately noticed the use of “PM” to do several things…. 1. For whatever reason Circumvent the courtesy of 1st come 1st served thread replies   2. List without pricing and just note “PM” in order to “BID OUT” ITEMS. In my opinion EBAY is for AUCTIONS!

This type of use does several very derogatory things (intended or not) …. LOSS of TRANSACTION TRANSPARENCE and therefore, all the very important used market pricing and availability information that I thought was the reason for the forum’s existence.

I do not expect some utopian scenario and note that most of my dealing has been great, although I have run into some less scrupulous situations.

Just seems to me that a few simple rules could greatly improve the Quality, Value, and Integrity of the for sale forum.

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