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I have a 1974 bmw 2002 parts car that I am looking to get rid of. I would really prefer to have one person take the whole thing, and it is priced as such. If no one reaches out to take the whole thing then I will start parting it out.


What the car doesn't have in it anymore:






Glass (rear windshield is still there)

Door panels

Spare tire wheel well

Gas tank

Any lights



Mostly it is a pretty straight body (rusted out frame) with an m10 motor with unknown mileage that ran well when it was parked 2 years ago. Comes with a Weber 32/36 carb, MDS ignition and coil, a full set of bottle caps and a set of Ronal AC Schnitzers reps (both with old tires). There are a number of other odds and ends that come with it. PM me if you're interested and we can go over more of it. I have more photos.


I do not have a title for this vehicle, it is for parts only.


$300 takes it all. d71a63585d284aa7e4a60c1cdbf8c379.jpg0bf585bea0313667f9542505c73e5891.jpg1c142c537f577d5d491bcf18631f2fe0.jpg80433acbf293f316e32b5545b4277e53.jpgb8ae1ddd5b3968f5e6d452be0e39b37f.jpg2f9d90daddb971729d9400696b857f33.jpg6b2254c57caae59376853e1e22f2aa58.jpg9770f277992b95ef73225eb24be65975.jpg


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Well, seeing as no one was interested enough to follow up about this shell for $200, I am now listing it for $50. First person with the initiative to come get it can have it.

Again, it is a parts car and is non-regesterable.

PM me with your phone number and I'll call you to talk about it.

Want it gone asap

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