Car for sale-1972 inka orange 2002tii

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I joined last April, a newcomer. It has been an invaluable site for the unique knowledge needed for these cars, and of course parts. With limited experience I can't say this site is better than others or even begin to know if the site is changing for worse. But just yesterday I drove two hours to LA to meet with a mechanic who was selling various parts. He said he owns 2 Tiis, a 1600, as well as a Porsche. Unsolicited he said he regards the 2002 community as among the best because folks genuinely share. 


Regarding the proliferation of scammers, I've seen three, possibly four separate users called out as scammers in the last 90 days. I was a victim and a longtime member of FAQ, in a private post, offered the NLA parts for which I was scammed. That was completely unexpected, and welcome but ultimately unneeded. And just today, on the WTB forum, two members helped me out with NLA parts. That concern and generosity makes this site great and none of us want to see that behavior diminish. But I was scammed because I trusted a stranger and paid via Venmo - who were completely uncooperative in my efforts to recover the funds, stonewalling me at every turn with corporate legal speak. Unfortunately, as prices for the cars and parts escalate, it invites people out to make a buck and since we can't vet everyone, all we can do is protect ourselves by using payment methods that provide recourse when paying an unproven seller. 

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@Schatzie, who I believe was strictly on the up-and-up, last visited the forum on January 16, 2019. Fifteen of his lifetime sixteen posts appear in this thread. I’m betting the car has moved on by now and he won’t be back soon.






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