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5 hours ago, Tomfish said:

I think the GREEN/WHITE/GREEN rear springs from bhakola are just 'reinforced' springs instead of the original BMW Turbo springs. It would be nice to know which springs were fitted when the car left the factory.


I'm still working on the Codex, but calculated the rear Green / White / Green to be 126 Lb. in. whereas my rear OE White is 165 Lb. in.


The front Hakola Turbo Green / Blue calculates to 119 Lb. in. whereas the stock 2002 Green / Blue / Green is 97 Lb. in.


Tomorrow I will be in the shop and can look for my front springs........

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For the Malaysian car manufactured July 74:

Front springs: White/Blue markings, 7.5 coil

Rear springs: only red markings visible, 7 coil

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Thank you for that information.


To be complete can you measure the Outside diameter and either the inside diameter or the wire thickness and the free length?


That would be most helpful.



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Front springs: White/Blue markings, 7.5 coil, length 330mm, wire diameter 12.0mm, outside diameter 126mm.


Rear springs: only red markings visible, 7 coil, free length 315mm, wire diameter 13.3mm, outside diameter 130mm.

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Your White / Blue Front Springs are 124 Lb. in. vs. my White / Blue at 98.56 Lb. in vs. Green / Blue at 119 Lb. in.


Your  Red (only) Rear Springs are 160 Lb.  in. vs. White (only) at 165 Lb. in. vs. Red / White / White at 133 Lb. in. vs. Green / White at 142. Lb. in.


I haven't plugged them into my other suspension dynamics spreadsheets to see the net effects of the differences.....

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I was re-checking my figures and found that I had made a few mistakes in entering the numbers for the calculations. So, in short, the new figures are as follows for the information I have:



Green / Blue / Green                              97 Lb. in

Blue / White                                            101 Lb. in.

DLacey Blue / White                               106 Lb. in.

Green / Blue                                            115 Lb. in.

Orange / White                                        147 Lb. in.

Yellow                                                      186 Lb. in.




BMW Heavy Duty:

Grey / Green (Green)                            156 Lb. in.



Not classified as heavy duty:


Red / White / White                               133 Lb. in.

Green / White / Green                           142 Lb. in.

DLacey Red                                           160 Lb. in.

White                                                      165 Lb. in.

Yellow                                                     177 Lb. in.

Green / Orange ('72 Tii)                          181 Lb. in.



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