speedometer needle spring 76'

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If you don't have any luck with a used spring, perhaps give Buz at "Seattle Spedometer" a call. Let him know I sent you. He's good people and does magnificent work - and may have the item you need. If things get ugly, he can rebuild and calibrate your speedometer (and all gauges) also!


I've had mixed results with the other popular gauge rebuilders, so Buz is my guy now. A true diehard enthusiast that does some beautiful, artistic work on RARE stuff when he's not doing German gauges. 



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I am going to contact Buzz too. 

North Hollywood Speedo wants 185 to start. 


The place that fixed previously had me stick a drill bit in to test, the the needle broke off  lol

Thinking maybe cheaper to hunt around for a pre owned one at this point which would be a shame... 


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