1971 BMW 2000 Touring Project

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Price: $6000
Location: San Francisco, CA


Hey Gang. i wanted to offer my car up here to you all before i start listing it anywhere else, seeing as i have been lurking on here for years and still run into some you from the Bay Area from time to time. i am going to be letting go of my 1971 Touring project as i need the space and the money for other things that have come up in my life. with that being said, i am going to try to be as complete as i can from memory here. if there questions about anything after you read through this then feel free to email me. i imported this car from The Netherlands in 2007 when i was looking for more than a 2002 to work on. i had been working for Kwan at Beyond 02 in Burlingame for some years and had already gone had a 2002. i sold that and bought this Atlantik from a woman i had been corresponding with after poking around the internet. i was not too concerned with the internals as i was going to be doing the small 6 swap with turbo, but i had stressed that there could not be any rust. she assured me that she had looked over the car and did not see any. well, when the care came there was rust. i was a little disappointed, but i was still hopeful. it just meant more welding and body panels to collect. i broke the care down and started stripping paint to find rust, and that is where i am at. i will list all the things i have come across:


there are rust spots in most of the rear portions of the car (rockers, rear quarter panels, bottom of the front quarter panels, some parts of the floor, some of the rear of the car. shock towers look to be re-welded or replaced at some point. some rust in the side walls of the engine bay. if you can weld and have a car to take pieces from then you are fine. or, you can take the care to Taller Los Panchos in Tijuana and have them do it. that is where i have read that a lot of restoration people take their cars. 


i have all the pieces that came with the car except for the engine. i gave the to KWAN at Beyond 02 for helping me. he may have it still but you would have to call. that's if you would like matching numbers. i wouldn't keep some things, like the front quarter panels or the doors, but that is for you to decide. i have also collected a turbo if you want that. i have Polyurethane bushings for the steering coupler and the subframes. i have a 320 LSD, the 325is engine, matching transmission, the pre-fab motor mounts for the engine swap, and the wiring harness. 


if you want to come take a look shoot me a message or a call. i can also email you some more photos of stuff if you would like. i dont want to be selling a "pig in a poke" to anyone like what happened to me. i saw a similarly rusty Touring show up at the Bay Area 02 Swap and Show on a trailer a few years back asking for $10,000, but i am willing to let this project go for less. i am hoping for $6000, which i feel is a decent price since i did most most of the break down already. you will need to bring a trailer, and a set up to roll the tub around, as it is on jack stands currently. i hope this finds everyone in good spirits. ill let this run a week, then see what craigslist or other avenues finds me. thanks!


Matthew Bajda

(415) six 45 - three 62 nine


matthew.bajda @ gmail dot com

















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