1974 Turbo on BAT

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Price: $100
Location: Connecticut


Not Mine but if it was it wouldn't be for sale! 

Hope somebody can make this happen. The reserve might be so high it never makes it out the door. 



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20 hours ago, 02Les said:

Here it is in 2008.




Interesting, so while it looks largely original, there have clearly been some changes, perhaps minor. The 2008 photos show that the car was, indeed, (U.S.) federalized at some point. This style of federalization of a 1974 car — the bumpers and sidemarkers — is consistent with the claim of U.S. importation in 1981. But obviously, since 2008, the bumpers and sidemarkers have been removed and some re-painting has been done.


My gut and eye say this post-2008 re-painting was minimal and the car is still a largely intact original example. It would be nice if a new owner could repair and repaint those areas that need repair or repainting and not tear this car apart and attempt to make it a perfect 2018 car! 😗






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Pretty original car. Most have covered the trunk boards with elephant skin, which is incorrect. They were simply painted gray. Interior is very correct, though it appears front belts were replaced. New right fender at some point. All of the important pieces are present. I agree with Steve, clean it up but don’t over restore it.

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