WTB: M10 ENGINE in the northeast.

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Just had my mechanic tell me my engine block is worn and that I need a new engine for my '69 2002.  He's told me he's found a local engine from a 73 for $1900.  Seems ridiculously overpriced, until I went online and had a hard time finding ones for sale.  Ideally looking for something located in the Northeast. Please let me know if you know of any available.


Also wondering whats the general feelings about putting amotor from an '84 318 into an old '02? Found a remanufactured one for a less than half the price, and with a guarantee, but seems a bit sacrilegious to me... Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

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Hey All.    Wanted to say thanks for the direction, and recommendations given here.  I worked something out with my mechanic, so I am no longer in need of an engine. I'm still not happy about how things went with him, but I do have it back and running.  I'll be looking to this community for guidance/help in the future as finding mechanics to work on these things gets harder and harder.  If anyone has recommendations for mechanics in or near NYC. It'd be much appreciated.  Otherwise, thanks all.

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  not sure if you want to travel to philadelphia

but if so i have engines and other parts.

feel free to call me for help or guidance.

35 years working on 2002's.  at least twenty

parts cars to pick from. motor on the floor

from a running car, $250. thanks


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