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Parts are going on a 1969 '02.  Message me if you have any of the following:


- Gauge cluster (with wood grain)

- Marine blue seat parts (like the recline lever bezel, head rest grommets, etc)

- Marine blue door molding (holds carpet to floor near door)

- Marine blue driver side arm rest parts

- Padded steering column cover (upper and lower)

- Metal steering column cover (upper and lower).  

- Turn signal and high beam knobs

- Headlight knob



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Light switch is here (20 EUR):

Cluster (19 EUR)


I've just seen we've actually no hi/low beam switch to offer, I'll add it next days. On thursday a right hand turn signal lever w/ windshield washer starts (part no 61311352636)


More 02 parts here

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We've sold a huge amount of parts on ebay this year and sometimes theres only one bid. And the prices are much lower than others offer parts. So sometimes you might get a rare part for a really good price.

Eg we've just sold Cibie 35 yellow fog lights for 99 EUR (1 bid) and they were sold here I think for about 200 EUR

Prices differ.

We sold a kidney grill for 240 EUR and the last one for round about 90 EUR.

Eg we just sold 10 different steering wheels. One was sold for 240 and the same (!) later with one bid for 89 EUR.

So I wanna say we're always adding new items and maybe someone finds a part he's searching for and he has a chance to get it to a good price. For us it is more about the amount of items we sale. Doesnt make sense to offer items for a high price and nobody buys it.

Eg see this:

Its offered here for 350USD

We've sold it for 39EUR. Not NOS but OEM good working quality part.


So ebay is actually our main business and some parts are really rare in our stock, and I just wanted to let you know trhat we actually offer these parts because maybe somebody is searching for it and doesnt find it....


Thank you

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