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Fun with ureathane

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Years ago I made silicon molds to make wax patterns for investment casting. Now I am applying those skills to restoring my 700's

Using machinable wax, I cut an open face mold for a simplified tail light gasket.

The cast urethane gasket turned out quite nicely. I poured a second one and now they are on Baby. 







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Second career is started! I am winding down Ray-Vin by discontinuing a number of products. We will still be making scope stands and smokers, but the focus is now moving on to repair and restoration of vintage autos. Part of that is making repro parts. 

I am on the verge of buying sheet metal equipment to begin the task of rebuilding Val's unibody.

Here is just one of the areas that needs new steel.

Regards, Ray

left quarter.JPG

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