Sold FOR SALE: Chamonix 1971 BMW 2002

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Price: $19995
Location: San Anselmo, CA


Year: 1971

Model: 2002 Coupe w/factory sunroof

VIN: 2573303.

Mileage: 153,890 documented miles.


Date of Manufacture: April 30, 1971

Sold new in San Leandro, CA and lived its entire life in the Bay Area. I have the certificate of manufacture from BMW, and even the original bill of sale! And many, many, many records since new.



Work performed / upgrades made during my ownership:


Drivetrain Maintenance & Upgrades:

  • Bilstein Sport Struts
  • Ireland Engineering Springs
  • Ireland Engineering End Links
  • Ireland Engineering Sway bars front & rear
  • New 3 dot spring pads
  • New upper strut mounts and bearings
  • New trans mount
  • New engine mounts
  • Rear trailing arm bushings
  • New center link
  • New tie rod ends
  • New guibo
  • New diff bushings
  • New diff seals
  • Brake fluid flush
  • New Rear trans seal
  • New center support bearing / bushing
  • Shifter linkage rebuilt
  • Transmission serviced, seals & fluid replaced.
  • Fresh alignment 2 weeks ago
  • New front lower control arm bushings
  • Brakes completely replaced:
  • New Brake calipers
  • New Front brake pads
  • Rear drums refinished
  • Ireland Engineering SS brake lines
  • New OEM Shift Boot
  • New Fluid / Flushed



  • Kooglewerks Shift Knob
  • Kooglewerks Center console assy
  • Kooglewerks Ebrake Handle
  • New Nardi Steering Wheel
  • New Nardi Steering Wheel Hub
  • LED Tail Light bulbs
  • New flasher relay
  • New Driver lock cylinder


Engine / Fuel system work:

  • New Ireland Engineering Stainless Steel exhaust
  • New alternator bushings
  • NOS BMW down pipe
  • New Headgasket
  • Replaced cylinder head with correct (rare) 121 Head
  • New valve guides
  • New timing chain
  • New valve cover gasket
  • New Radiator Fan blade
  • New Fuel Filter
  • New fuel filler neck
  • New Fuel lines in engine bay
  • Re-jetted Carb
  • New thermostat
  • Coolant flush
  • Oil change 51.5k miles
  • Oil change 53.6k miles


Ignition System Upgrades:

  • New distributor cap
  • New rotor
  • Pertronix electronic ignition
  • NGK BPR6EIX Plugs
  • Ireland Engineering 8mm performance plug wires
  • New Bosch coil


Exterior Updates / Upgrades:

  • New tail light lenses
  • New tail light gaskets
  • Period correct 4x100 15x7 et24 Panasports (Original 13” Steelies with great condition hubcaps included)
  • New 205/50/15 Bridgestone RE-71R with ~2000 miles
  • NOS Flag mirror — not currently installed but included
  • New Wipers
  • All stock parts are included (suspension, wheels/tires, steering wheel, etc.)


Known Issues:


Rust spot at base of rear window. Have been monitoring it closely and intended to repair during a full respray, but decided to keep it a driver’s car and not go full concourse.

Door seals need to be replaced

Pass side door latch rework needed (only opens from inside)

Dash cluster backlight inop

Dash has two fine line cracks


Here are some pics. I’ll add some more detailed interior shots, and engine bay pics as soon as I can.
























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