WTB Italy Weber 45 DCOE

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3 hours ago, Rich said:

Cameron, would a new set of Italian 50’s work for you, with Air filters and manifolds? imageproxy.php?img=&key=c723ef59fd17d18ftrying to upload a photo from my phone but having trouble, let me know


Thank you for replying, however I think a set of 50's would be too much carb for the motor I'm building.

Thanks, Cameron

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OK, great, I am in the planning stage for my M10 build, I am planning on Mahle 10;1 pistons, new conecting rods, already have both, balance and all related work to the bottom end, rebuilt head and a 292 cam with twin 40's, still looking for those, basically using Ace Andrew's "recipe " for a M10 Street Hot Rod, what are you planning on doing ? Thanks, Richard

p.s. I have a few extra heads if you are looking for one, 

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I am planning on running a set of 9.5;1 pistons with everything balanced in the bottom end, rebuild the head I have and put a 302 cam in it. The head is going to most likely get a set of upgraded rockers and then I will run dual 45's. Thank you for offering a head, however I already have one that was worked by metric mechanic a while back, so I'm planning on running that.

Cameron Hook 

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