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Hub caps, 6 left

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Hi Rich, I will ask about the half way idea, but I would guess Dean may not be up for that, However, Its supposed to rain on Sunday but you could drive up and take your choice and see if there is anything else you need. He is just over the Kenosha Racine Line, north on Hy 32. We can get more specific if you do decide to come up. regarding Hub caps some may have a small ding, some are really good ( not New) but good. I'll post a pic here with all of them.   Thanks. MM for Dean V


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He has a complete set of belt trim clips included in good shape, has some other exterior trim for around door window and up b pillar, set of black seats from his 73, drive shaft, owners manual and repair book, a couple of roundels, a 2002 badge, 1  rear quarter window latch in chrome,Blue 2002 dash and arm rests, (arm rests are rough, dash has a couple of cracks but better than most we havre seen.) 1971 2002 roller,  needs a hood but comes with one, needs a new trunk lid but comes with one, needs a motor but comes with one, needs a rear pumpkin but comes with one, has a trans in it but her one avail from his 73 if you need one,  pretty much all he has left from his 73 goes with the 71, the sooner it sells, the more they get. He's's asking $2000 OBO on the roller and 73 parts in garage. some of the other parts listed here do not go with the 71 but are avail at agreed on prices,  Ill send a few pics here to give you an idea... Thanks MM













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