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More FRIGIKING info needed

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Hey Gang!

In trying to retro-fit a Frigiking A/C unit into my '76, I'm trying to

figure out where the "Pulley-on-a-Long Metal Arm" fits.

"Is there anyone out there with this same setup that can tell me where

it needs to bolt-up to?" If ya' got a picture of it, even better. ;-)

I've pretty much been able to figure out everything else, save for this





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Guest Anonymous

The pulley mounts on that part of the bracket near the bottomm where it comes to a dull point. I wouldn't call it a long arm on the pulley, on the one I have (and may have left in Andy's trunk this weekend) it's only about 1"-1.5" long. We may have different pulleys. In any case, I'd convert to the Sanden compressor, eliminates idler pulley, less drag on engine, smaller.

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Guest Anonymous

bracket from the one that came with the original Frigiking setup...and Matt's correct, it's a much better arrangement--if you can find one. There is an adapter bracket that allows one to use the rotary compressor on the old York piston compressor mount. They're more readily available and will allow you to use your original bracket. But if you can locate the Sanden bracket (they were used on Clardy systems) you're better off, as the mount is much cleaner and lighter.

Cheers & happy hunting.


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