Sold Early Front Chrome Bumper

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Price: $100
Location: Kingston, Washington


I will be keeping the alUminUm bumpers on my car, so this front bumper is up for grabs.


I am not sure which year(s) came with this style, but it does not have the rubber bump strip on the bumper itself (obviously).


It is not easy to photograph chrome, but I did my best. 



There is a slight 'frosting' to the surface, with 'shadows' behind where the license plate mounts and under what used to be a sticker.  The camera flash really brings that out.


A few minor dents, but not in the top :) One little one on the front edge about a foot to the right of center in the photo (seen in the white light reflection below)


and one on that side where the overrider's edge sits (underside).


A slight crease on the underside of one side piece and a couple bumps from the back side in the middle (underside) behind the license plate.

(the crease is that vertical dark line, under the white spot/reflection)


The back side still has some paint, but a little surface rust.


The tops of the overriders are in pretty good shape, as is the rubber


Hardware includes those two cast aluminum blocks and some used rubber overrider strips, where they join the bumper.


Slight scratching on the bumper suggests they had been installed without those rubber strips at some point.


I am not sure how to rate these things, but I would call them very nice driver quality.  Far from show quality, but easily restore-able, I would think.

(I've made no attempt to polish them).




PayPal preferred.




EDIT:  it is boxed 55" by 8" by 8" and weighs 21 pounds.

          Priority 3 day shipping estimates:  Florida $66   Chicago $57  L.A. $45  Seattle $21


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33 minutes ago, Road trip said:

What is Frosting ?

The surface of the chrome has a fine pitting from sand on the road, (or whatever).  It has a 'frosted' looking surface... looks like frost... (maybe I made that term up?)  It is 'etched'. 


The shadow cast by the license plate has left the chrome brighter and shinier, in contrast. 


The flash photo (#3 above) makes it show up the most.  This photo here --


You can also see it where the over-riders protected the surface at the seams, on the side pieces.  They just look brighter and shinier there.


Based on the quality of your build, I am guessing you'll be having it re-chromed and the little scratches and dents removed.  As mentioned, it is not flawless by any means, but a decent survivor, imho.  I would put it on my car as is and it would match the rest of my frosted trim and pitted paint.  :) 

35 minutes ago, Road trip said:

I’ll buy it

how ?

I will send you a PM with my PayPal information.


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