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Front Bumper Mounting Tips ('72tii)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Me & Hugo Posting.jpg

URL: http://im4bmw.freewebspace.com/index.html

I have successfully intalled Hugo's rear bumper (ala Euro style)...looks awesome!

Now, on to the front bumper.

I have a few questions that I could use some help on here as well:

1. I have new bumper brackets...the only early style available I believe...has the "twisted" bar between the mounting surface and the rear flat piece that attached to the frame rail. My question is how can I make sure I have them on correct? As muonted currently, the mounting surface appears to project "upward" too much....of course the car has no engine yet so when the nose lowers about 2 or 3 inches the mounting surface may be more "vertical" (follow?), but I still wonder if the brackets were marked properly...the p/n ending in 494 is suppose to be for the right or passenger side, the p/n ending in 493 for the "left" or driver side...I checked the part number manual and the numbers are correct, but I wonder if they were mis-tagged...because if I reverse the brackets the mounting surface appears to be more "level"....just wonder....hmmmm! I have seen bumpers on early '02s with the bumpers angled "upward" (looks bad) and this makes me think the brackets were installed reversed. Anyone check this out before???

2. I need to drill the holes in the "new fenders" for attaching the bumper end pieces....anyone have suggestions how to go about this? I was thinking I'd mount the bumper and check for proper alignment "before" even attempting to mark the spots for drilling the fender holes.

Thanks for any input on this and have a great Mother's Day....take Mom or the wife out to dinner...maybe drive the '02 even! :-)


'72tii "Hugo"

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Guest Anonymous


........my MOM is out in the garage sitting in the drivers seat waiting for me so get off this stinking poluter ! she's an expert at pumping , "holding down" , "pump 4 times and hold it down" before I bought a pressure bleeder. She would always groan when I told her it was brake fluid flushing time - not so bad when it ment her SAAB was getting the treatment.

God Bless MOM's (with a strong pumping leg ! )

sorry John, no help about your EURO bumper alignment......... I'm still sitting on my 'USA park benches'

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Guest Anonymous

Wait Till the engine's installed to do the final bumper adjusting--I think you'll find it will sit more level when you're done.

If it were my car and the fenders hadn't been drilled for the end bolts, I don't think I would. If someone backs into you lightly, it can push the bolts enough so it'll tear or wrinkle your brand new fenders. Yeah, the bumper won't be quite as steady, but it's only trim anyway--it won't defend the body from anything bigger than a Sprite/Midget anyway so why bother?

If you want sturdier bumpers, use the front bracket from a '73. It's MUCH stronger than the earlier ones, and moves the bumper about an inch further away from the body.



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