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Hi, Steve,


In the beginning....anyone could amend entries in the Registry and the Wheels Database — like Wikipedia.


But no more. I’m confident you had good reasons for this. But I really miss open access. Sure, I can add additional posts, but many items of data — a car’s manufacturing date, factory color, a wheel’s ET or weight — if inserted into additional posts, are not indexed and searchable as are the data in those initial entries.


For instance: (1.) I’m finally seeing people enter new cars into the registry. This is great and critical to filling out the registry! But much of the information is limited to a VIN and the current color. Additional research is needed to discover addition data. So someone, such as I, comes along with the manufacturing date, factory color, more photos, but I can’t put that data into the indexable initial entry. (2.) I’m trying to weigh and measure rims. But unless I set up that rim’s initial entry, I’m SOL. Let’s be honest, I don’t want to find the users who originally set up thirty entries and ask them to please update the following three items for each of those thirty entries....


Can we re-open the databases, please? Remember, we’re stronger as a team than as individuals!


Thanks and regards,




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Thanks, Steve.


It’s still doing this, allowing users who did not create an entry to enter the editing mode, but when you try to save the edits or additions, you get the error message shown below.


Thanks, as always,


Steve C.





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