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Ok, what's the deal with these blasted impact strip "cl

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

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URL: http://im4bmw.freewebspace.com/index.html

After spending hours painting the back side of my rear bumper and using t-bolts with nylon washers, etc. all for the purpose of reducing/preventing eventual rust formation on my rear bumper ('72tii), I realize that the new bumper pieces need those "clips" instead of the t-bolts....so I order clips from Bimmer Parts...arrived very fast (as usual)...now I try to finish up installing the black impact strip on my new Euro rear bumper using the "clips"...and the $%^&$#!@# things won't work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was the genious that designed these worthless things anyway?!!!!!!!!...not only will they "not" install easily (if ever at all), but they are sure to dig into the paint on the rear of my bumper!!!!

I've about decided to drill out the slots in the chrome and use the t-bolts anyway...but I really shouldn't have to do that....what's the "trick" to installing these little bastards anyway????

Stuff like this really pisses me off (sorry, but I feel better now).

Any help "really" appreciated!


'72tii "hugo"

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Guest Anonymous

bought all the trim, it came with these "clips" you speak of, which didnt fit any of the holes on my bumper - maybe see if you can find a smaller diameter t-bolt? i used t-bolts to affix my trim (front and rear) and they fit right, these are the same t-bolts as the lower silver/black trim thats on my car, i couldnt imagine why/how you would have to drill out the holes in order to fit the t-bolts. . . esp. if the "clips" for the slotted holes fit in, i would just think that the hole surrounding the t-bolt would be too large?

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