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'74 BMW 2002 parts sale cont'd, Pete in Maryland

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Price: $1
Location: Maryland 20833


parting out 74 2002 part II pics continues... VIN 4225512.

just make an offer and it'll be easy. reasonableness required. this is not my business so there are delays. apologies in advance. the hardest part for me is packing / shipping this stuff. the engine comes to mind... I have no plan at present.

RE: engine, I can deliver within in a certain distance. Engine has been stored in this garage for almost 14 years now. drained fluids and protected from weather. I purchased a running '75 and a parked '74 in 2005. I have no history on this engine. From the looks of it when I acquired both, the '74 was parked bc rust ate it. The tranny from the '74 was installed in my '75 13 years ago. it has been outstanding. 


some items have been requested by others so I just go in order of notification of interest. some pics didn't get posted on first go around so if we discussing items, no worries, i'm just posting bc it took me all day(s) to disassemble. I have bloody knuckles. I have been talking to some of you. thanks for patience. it'll all get out the door sooner or later.  Last pic is of what's left. I will cut out whatever you need. just send specific dimensions if you need exactness.


Whoever sent me an email about the center support cut out, please resend with the pic u sent. the message has been stolen by nsa or fb. IDK. maybe it was the Russians. 


dos vee danya err regards, 

Pete in Maryland.

flhspete@aol.com for pm's.  

oh yea, like everybody else, buyer pays shipping. 484098789_BMW742002LRgrillsmetallic2.thumb.jpg.db19f19338d4cdde2f3bc1478486d680.jpg

BMW 74 2002 engine complete1.jpg

BMW 74 2002 engine complete2.jpg

BMW 74 2002 engine complete3.jpg

BMW 74 2002 engine complete4.jpg

BMW 74 dshaft1.jpg

BMW 74 dshaft2.jpg

BMW 74 dshaft3.jpg

BMW 74 2002 driveshaft.jpg

BMW ashtray.jpg

bmw 74 rear seat belts.jpg

BMW 74 2002 pedal box to brake lines hardware too.jpg

bmw 74 2002 pedals brake booster brakelines hardware .jpg

BMW 74 2002 pedals to brake lines, hardware reverse angle.jpg

BMW 74 2002 pedals to brake lines, hardware.jpg

bmw 74 2002 plastic LR grills1.jpg

bmw 74 2002 LR grills plastic2.jpg

BMW 74 2002 LR metallic grills1.jpg

bmw 74 2002 eng hardware.jpg

BMW 74 2002 steering box, steering components hardware.jpg

bmw 74 2002 steering box.jpg

BMW '74 rear view mirror.jpg

BMW 74 steering column1.jpg

BMW 74 steering column2.jpg

BMW 74 2002 steering column3.jpg

BMW 74 2002 steering column4.jpg

BMW 1974 parts car.jpg

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