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Hans W.

Steering wheels!

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Price: $10000
Location: The Netherlands


I have several steering wheels for sale, single pieces or package deals.


First photo: package deal, 4 steering wheels! SOLD!

- Silver Momo Jackie Stewart 350 mm in good condition

- Black Momo Jackie Stewart 350 mm + free battlefield scars, leather worn

- Momo Cavallino III D-cut 350 mm in good condition, needs approx. 2 inches of new stitching

- One BONUS FAKE momo


Second photo: package deal, 2 steering wheels, 2 horn buttons, no hubs SOLD!

- Wooden Momo 380 mm

- Wooden Selm 360 mm


Photo #3: Victor N 360 mm. STILL AVAILABLE!

Original Victor hub fits BMW E3/E9/E12/E21

Has some scars but the leather and stitches are in good condition.

Asking price 175 USD


Photo #4: 1977 Personal 350 mm. SOLD!

In very good condition.

Comes with a BMW hub of your choice and a BMW horn button.


Photo #5: Momo Gritti 365 mm. SOLD!

In exceptional condition 9/10 ( 10 would be new ).

No traces of use, looks NOS to me. Beautiful darkbrown leather and matching horn button.


Photo #6-7-8: Fusina Ed Swart edition 340 mm. SOLD!

Ed Swart was a Dutch touring car and sports-prototype racing car driver. He also drove a BMW 700 and a BMW M1. This steering wheel comes with a Fusina hub ( fitment BMW 02 series ) and a Fusina/BMW horn button. Leather and stitching are worn but usable. Very rare collectors item.












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6 hours ago, Trve Klasse said:

Thank you, I noticed in the description you said it fits cars that arent 2002s. If it wont fit an 02, is there any way to convert it or modify the hub to fit my car?


The splines are the same, so it will fit your 02. You would need to replace the horn button contact ring by a horn button contact pin.

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