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A/C evaporator housing blower fan

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Hi Everyone. Hope you are well today. I just returned from the A/C shop where I was having my evaporator checked (it is fine, flushed and pressure tested-all ok (amen). While it was working fine when before I pulled it out,  I asked the owner of the A/C shop, for a recommendation on who might be able to tweak the fan motor; ceramic bearings, new brushes etc. He said it would be cheaper to replace and that given how far the fan cage Roda extend in the housing, he thought it was a replacement. It is a Fridgiking system.

1) Does anyone know if this is 'stock'?

2) Does anyone have ideas on replacements, with and without the cages installed?

3) As it was working 'fine', would you have it 'amped up and tweaked, or just put it back in as it is. He said he'd expect a $100-$200 bill at an electrical motor repair shop.

Thank you all for your valuable help, time and effort. 

Best Regards,



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If you find a shop to do it, I would send my spare BEHR fan in to get done. Before you write off the fan hook it directly to a battery. It may be that the switch is restricting the current. I put a speed controller on mine and it blows pretty well.

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Hi Dudeland. My fan does work and I would add that nothing at all seemed a'miss about it. I just figured since I had it out, maybe I could improve on it or replace wear items at least.

I will let you know if I do find a shop and what I think of them. I was considering the same thing for my heater fan, also working seemingly fine, which I removed with the heater box yesterday. Hope all is well.


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