'74 BMW 2002 parts sale

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Price: $1
Location: 20833


Most of my '74 parts car is up for sale. Reasonable offers will get responses. Others ignored. Attached are some pics. Apologies, I don't have paypal so we got to do biz the old skool way....I'm just a hobby guy w/ a '75 driver and a '74 support. VIN '74 :4225512

Tranny, front seats gone already. If you don't see it, ask. 

Any interest we can go direct via text. I can take an addl pic or two but be reasonable....

Pete in Maryland


BMW Antenna, cable, upper antenna rubber grommet.jpg

BMW '74 emergency brake cover.jpg

BMW 74 parts various. turn signal blinkers, shifter, knob, pedals, pads,.jpg

BMW '74 driver side door and complete door parts.jpg

BMW 1974 rear seats, blue.jpg

BMW 1974 complete rear license plate assembly & lenses.jpg

BMW gas tank, filler, cap.jpg

BMW spark plug wiring, dist, .jpg

BMW 74 visor set bw.jpg

BMW 74 visor set.jpg

BMW 74 knobs, turn signal, dash.jpg

BMW 1974 steering wheel.jpg

bmw steering wheel, UNK make..jpg

bmw steering wheel back side.jpg

1974 BMW 2002 Center Grill.jpg

BMW '74 2002 electric fan radiator.jpg

BMW 74 head light grill set1.jpg

BMW 74 rear tail lights, bumper, trim.jpg

BMW more parts, hood parts, interior parts.jpg

BMW more parts....jpg

BMW parts.jpg

BMW ashtray.jpg

BMW interior ashtray, hazard light radio trim complete.jpg

BMW 74 rear side head light grill set aluminum.jpg

BMW 74 BEHR hvac assembly.jpg

BMW 74 black trim re steering wheel.jpg

bmw 74 pedal assembly.jpg

BMW 74 radiator.jpg

BMW 74 radiator II.jpg

bmw 74 exhaust manifold, carb throttle bracket.jpg

BMW 1974 distributor.jpg

BMW 1974 parts car.jpg

BMW radiator III.jpg

BMW '74 right rear tail light, bumper, trim.jpg

BMW complete shifter knob, handle, trim.jpg

BMW 74 rubber shift knob.jpg

BMW gauge pak.jpg

BMW 74 complete shifter handle and knob.jpg

BMW driver side floor board door trim.jpg

BMW 74 black plastic handle inserts.jpg

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All, working slowly. i'm not setup as a business so packing, sending, finalizing will take time. i'll be in touch. best if you can toss me a reasonable $# & we go from there. if u lose patience, LMK and apologies in advance.


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