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Need to borrow/rent 15' wheels in Denver area

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Hello Colorado 2002 owners -


In about the middle of my 2002 restoration and I find myself at a crossroads of sorts...


The new BBS rims I plan to use do not appear to be in stock and are not going to be available until late December.  The new Ireland "big brake kit" I plan to use will not fit inside any of the 13" wheels I own.    


I'm currently stuck with a car that roles on 13" wheels and has no brakes - which works out OK inside my garage.  But soon I may need an operating vehicle in order to complete mechanical work. (commissioning motor and dyno tuning)


Does anyone here have an extra 15" wheel set(4) for the 2002 sitting around that I could borrow or rent for several months?  Tire condition almost does not matter - however rear wheels may need to safely spin on a stationary dyno.  I guarantee no road miles - I can trailer car.


It may allow me to mount brakes and wheels and move forward sooner.  If not - I just wait a bit longer which isn't that bad either considering the onset of winter.


This seems like a strange request but I trust everyone here understands.


Thanks for your consideration 







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I don't have any extra 15's.  Junk yard for sure- I think the VW and Mini wheels that are 4x100 fit fine.  Which would mean that the 4x100 Honda wheels should fit fine, too.


Or these guys are mid $70 each...  I'm thinking about buying some to drive... Maybe get them in silver and paint the centers darker grey like the turbo wheels.



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