Early Embossed 1600 Nose Trim (by any means)

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Hello FAQers,
I am actively looking for the early model BMW 1600 embossed hood belt line trim piece for my 1967 Tampico 1600ti tribute project. I am aware they are tough to find, and probably harder to ship safely. But I’m serious about finding this piece so I’m prepared for the potential effort and price that may come with the search.
If anyone has a lead on this piece, or a spare in the parts stash, drop me a message please I will consider a slightly damaged piece also. See the photos below for reference.
A few other early/1600 specific bits I need:
- football shaped reservoir
- chocolate brown front and rear door cards (anything you might have)
- chocolate front and rear seats (anything you might have)
- early radio, speaker and/or shortie console
Thank you kindly
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That last photo looks familiar ;) best of luck searching. Shipping was easier than I would have guessed, it slides right into a 3" or 4" tube and when capped properly the packaging is nearly indestructible. Hopefully you can convince one of the guys out there hoarding this trim to part ways with it!

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Big big thank you to [mention=42986]ttown[/mention]


He had a 1970 parts car up in Tacoma that happened to have the über rare nose trim on it.


I bought the whole car for not much more than I was willing to pay for the nose trim alone and a buddy and I drove 17 hours each way through burning hills over Veteran’s day weekend to trailer it home. Huge smiles on our faces the whole way.


This car will feed my ‘67 and ‘69 and shall die a valiant death.


What I won’t do for love...









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