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73 2002 parts for sale

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54 minutes ago, BKGolde02 said:


Any chance you guys have the rubberized end pieces that go into the front seat headrests? One of mine (saddle brown) is falling apart so wanted to swap them all out or if you happen to have one in saddle brown I’d take it.



Sorry, The saddle brown ones dean has will have to go with the 1971 roller they are in... but you could but the whole car and get those and lots of other stuff:)

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16 hours ago, Just helping out said:

OK here you go,   2 front struts for 2002 BMW weight of #46 lbs each.     purchase cost. $40

Shipping to 59937 zip Via FedEx                                                                                          $153.00

Grand total                                                                                                                            $193.00

My PayPal account is red47@tds.net. attention : Mike Maurer. phone 262-637-9005

If you would be so kind as to pay through PayPal Friends and Family, Dean won't have to pay a fee.

I'll need your name, address, and phone number for FedEx to ship them to you. We will ship ASAP as PayPal notifies me of Payment.  

Thanks for helping clean out Deans garage. MM


Payment sent via PayPal, mailing address sent via email to red47@tds.net.




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10 hours ago, BKGolde02 said:

Photos of the roller? And what’s included?

Hi BK, roller is a 1971, missing front fenders and grills, no engine in its but the one from Deans 73 comes with it, needs a hood and trunk lid but each of those from Deans 73 also goes with it, most all the exterior body trim is with it some on some in the trunk, no rear pumpkin under car but the one from the 73 goes with it, standard steel wheels on back, newer style on front and comes with 2 more of the newer style and tires are almost new on those, interior is mostly all there, missing drivers door panel. along with whats there, anything Dean had left from his 73 also goes with the car.  Ill send a few pics here more area available if you want to get serious. He's asking $2000 or best offer. Thanks MM for Dean 











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