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73 2002 parts for sale

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6 hours ago, BKGolde02 said:

Any of those rear red reflectors nice and red in color? If so, what would you ask $ for the one in best shape?




Hi, BK, they are pretty nice, but he wants to sell as a set, you get all shown In pic plus shipping of course for $100 Please let us know if you have an interest as others are asking about these as well. Thanks Mike and Dean.  [email protected]



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5 hours ago, Null-Zwo said:


I need the knee trim. Really just the driver door and driver fender. 


Please let me know if you still have these parts. I see another member had inquired about them.




Hello, yes we have a full set, Dean wants to sell as a set for $50 plus shipping, as others have requested the same parts you would be #2 in line at that price. pic attached, please let us know if you have an interest at a full set at that price or not,  (if 10 is new these would be a 4-5) Thanks for your interest, Mike and Dean.  [email protected] direct


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5 hours ago, Brice said:

Hi, will you sell the front headrests?

Hi, while he has them, he prefers to sell seats as complete units, and both seats as 1 sale.( $ 50 plus shipping for both)  head rests and seats are black, rests are good, seats need re-do. Let us know,  guessing shipping may be spendy if your not with in driving distance, Thanks Mike and Dean. [email protected]   (see pics) as shown in pic pass  L and driver side RIMG_1846.thumb.JPG.cb3267baf40ad302f361c0e17294b9ea.JPG


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