Which Wiring Harness is This? Can't Find Diagram

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So, no joy on searching / finding this harness in real.oem, or my paper manual copies.  Not sure if this is a NLA, or available.  The harness I'm looking for is the black one that runs along the top of the valve cover.  The wires look intact, but the black plastic wire wrapping is very dry and brittle and crack when you bend it even slightly.


Does anyone know what part number this is?


If this is NLA, then I need to mend a couple of places where the underlining wires are exposed (not the copper part - just where the black sheaving cover is cracked).  Do I need special high temperature black electrical tape for this? The roles I have show they are good to 80 c (176 f) which I don't think is high enough. 




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I have gotten replacement cover tubing from a place called British Wiring (www.britishwiring.com).  Also a good source for wire and crimp style connectors. 


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