Ignition Cylinder (Tumbler) Replacement

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Mine is dead and I need to replace it. In searching for the part online I found an eBay listing for a VW cylinder indicating it would fit my 73 2002tii. Link below. Anyone know if this is true? Or better yet, a source for the real thing? I guess the BMW part is NLA.|Make%3ABMW&epid=27003221728&hash=item2ccf5b5c33:g:9ZYAAOSwdGFYxImP&vxp=mtr

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Some time ago I did a column on how to dismantle and repair a bad 2002 ignition switch lock; drop me a PM if you'd like a copy.  It covers how to un-jam a stuck lock and how to modify it to match another lock (such as if it no longer matches your door locks).



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