WTB BMW 2002 Parts

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I need to following BMW 2002 parts:


Part# 51.115.670.106/107 rear bumper brackets

Part# 51.716.454.239/240 door gaskets

Part# 51.131.814.687/90 lower moldings


Could be new or used in a very good condition. Need to be international shipping.

I can pay using Paypal.





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And since not everyone will have a parts book, and some of the parts you seek are different according to the year of manufacture (those bumper brackets, for example), it would help if you post the year of the car they're meant for. 


I'm guessing you have a '75 from your nickname, but is it a US or Euro model?  And if a US car, have you fitted Euro chrome bumpers to replace the 5 mph bumpers originally fitted?  That'll make a difference in the bracket.



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