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e21 320is: where to find good info and parts?

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So i just picked up a 302is with the intent of using seats, 5 speed and LSD to put in my 02, but would like to drive it for a year or so before swapping stuff out. I'm new to the car and trying to understand it a bit more in layout and systems, especially comparing it to my 2002.   I think it sat in a field for some time as there were vines growing up around some of the body work.  Hoses are all pretty dry and the brakes are really hard.  I think it needs a new brake booster, but having a hard time finding any sources of them.  I don't want to sink a ton of money into this, but certainly want it to be safe.  


Is a used booster a bad idea (ie pick n pull)? Would i be able to have someone locally rebuild something like this as I can't find any new replacements.  I did find place to ship mine to for rebuilding which is an option.


I also read a thread on there being a porsche 924 ATE booster that would fit with minimal tweaks, but i wasn't sure if it was intended for a e30 swap or e21?


I've looked on e21 forums ( bimmerforums and bmwe21.net),  but they aren't near as active as the 2002 community.  Just hoping to find some good sources of information as i get into this a bit more.






'82 320is

in Portland,OR



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I'm parting out a 1982 320i right now and am selling parts off at very reasonable prices. If you still need parts let me know. I just pulled the booster with master cylinder off today. The car also has most of the coolant hoses on it which seem to still have lots of life left in them (not too hard, not too soft). If you need anything at all just let me know. I'll only have it around for about 2 weeks before I send it away.

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Thanks for reaching out on your 320i parts. I was going to hit you up to see if you were selling anything off but I’ve been on the road for work. I’ll DM you soon with more specifics.


thanks again,



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