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Fall Cleaning - doors, sheet metal

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Price: $100
Location: San Jose, CA


Hi All, 


rain will I’ll show up eventually so I’m going to cut up the parts car for anyone that needs sheet metal and am selling the extra doors I have. I have pics below. PM with needs and we can work out price and delivery. 


Doors are complete with glass except for door handles, inner panel and handles. Doors are straight with only minor surface rust at bottom seam. $400 each


I have a matching set of door handles and steering column with keys also. $150.


















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Floors are gone, rockers rotted,a-pillar, rear inner wheel arches, spare tire well, etc. The car was full of water and rust when I bought it. It was a tii but all of the tii specific bits have been removed and welded to the car I’m restoring. Most of the sheet metal above the rockers is solid, though there are spots with bubbles under the paint. There is rust under the roof.


I bought the car with a plan to restore it but the cost/work was beyond the scope of that plan.


I’m hoping the parts can help someone with their project.



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Hi Kevin,


I've been looking to move the door complete. Maybe at the right price I could be persuaded to pull them apart. Chrome is very nice on the wind wings. I'll send you a few pics when I get home later. Make me an offer I can't refuse...


Are you local? (Bay Area)



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Bump and update. Door vent windows and frames sold, Doors stripped and discounted! No rot, only minor surface rust on inside. Doors are straight. $100 each.


If anyone is interested in buying the whole shell, I'm open to offers to not cut it up any further. I also have the nose and driver's side fender, both in good shape that will go with it. However, I did remove the Tii bits. Front struts and rear trailing arms are non tii, as are all of the brake system, wiring harness, etc. I have a motor that was running when I pulled it out. The head is off. I have an extra tranny, couple of diffs. Someone wants to save the car make me an offer. I've struggled with the decision to cut it up, believe me. It was a tii when it came off the line. I will provide the vin if interested.

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