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New Reproduction: Mud Flaps

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Price: $240
Location: Sofia


I am happy to tell you that from today we have another reproduction part available. Reproduction part of the rare and NLA by BMW mud flaps on almost half the price of a NOS set (if you can find one). An accessory that gives nice vintage look on our cars and protects the paint from the pebbles. Available are both types - with 3D logo (early style) and with stamped BMW logo (late style). The mud flaps are exact copy of the original, even the roughness and defects of the original rubber are copied, which gives nice authentic look. But the material is more high quality than OEM. It is UV and tear resistant. The hardware for mounting is original style. Mounting does not require drilling!


1. Early style (for round tail light cars)







2. Late style (for square tail light cars)




The differences - the material is a bit softer than original, not too much and this will not affect the “work” of the mud flap in any way. 

The 3D logo of the early style is mounted from the backside with nuts on the original mounting points. Otherwise it is from the same material as OEM - plastic. 


Time for producing is around 10 days. PM me if you want to preorder. I am working with Paypal also.

Price is for a set of mud flaps, shipped to you.


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1 hour ago, pehlivanov_tii said:
Otherwise it is from the same material as OEM - plastic. 



Its really nice and looks good made. But the OEM parts are not made just of plastic. It seems to be some kind of rubber material with tissue inside or something similar.

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5 minutes ago, bluebmw said:


Those are not for a 2002.

Yes, and this is the reason that they have 0 bids by now.


Dear freak02,

As bluebmw said, these mud flaps are not for 2002, and as you see they are a lot different from what you see here. Obviously the info in the ebay ad is not correct, because the same part number which is quoted there is a part number for 2002 mud flaps, but the photos are of other than 2002 mud flaps:



And if you think that this is high price. I would say to you that the last sets i have seen here on the FAQ (and one was mine) were sold for $400-450 quickly. Those sets are $150-200 cheaper just because they are not OEM. And only you will know that they are not OEM. The look is the same, the material is better, the mounts are original style. And believe me, the original 3D logo is plastic, not from rubber, and this reproduction logo - it couldn't be more identical material with the OEM one.

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Thank you.

They really look very good made. I know the prices and I know the originals are very hard to find. (Or not to find) So I didnt say anything about the price. I understand now about the material. Looks well done.I really thought the ones on ebay are 02 but thanks, obviously the'yre not. Sry

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23 hours ago, VintageBM said:

Super cool! How do these mount? I don't recall seeing any screw holes in the wheel well. 


Hi, thanks!

You have two options:

1. See the post below with the photos, how joysterm mounted them - mounting without drilling. The mounts are designed in a way that they can be mounted on the lower part of the wheel housing without drilling.

2. Drilling holes.

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1 hour ago, VintageBM said:

Super cool! How do these mount? I don't recall seeing any screw holes in the wheel well. 

 They are not mounted with screws. The originals used a adjustable clamp system that swivelled, it was  bolted the top of each flap. Here is an "after"





these are a few before the hardware was refinished a fe w years ago


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24 minutes ago, 02tradition said:

Super cool. $249 cool? ??‍♀️


If somebody can make with the same quality at a better price go on. If you think that this price is high for mud flaps at all, then maybe this is just not your accessory, dont like it or dont need it. But this is a rare and liked product for our cars and high rated, and this is the market value. And at last if you are disagree and have anything more to say - feel free to PM me and we will discuss it.

Have a nice evening.

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On 9/11/2018 at 4:44 PM, freak02 said:

Here's a set of genuine BMW NOS 02 mudflaps for 249 EUR https://www.ebay.de/itm/332794434838


The pair offered on German eBay are shorter and wider than any OEM ‘02 mudflaps I’ve ever seen.  I ran OEM mudflaps on my ‘70, but after I totaled the ‘70 in 1974, I decided I wasn’t wild about them. Here are OEM mudflaps, as shown in a 1972 U.S. dealer accessories brochure.








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