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1975 BMW 2002 Vintage Race Car for sale - just completed

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Price: $21500
Location: Pittsburgh PA USA



1975 BMW 2002 – Vintage Race Car



Engine –

BMW M-10 4 cylinder 2 liter

Completely new with 2 weekends (about 8 track sessions or 2 hours)

Machining by Elmer’s engines

Built by B&W Autosport

0.5 mm overbore with 11.5:1 compression custom Ross piano top pistons

Forged H-beam connecting rods and polished crank

E-12 head port machined and polished with new oversize 39mm exhaust valves

Schrick (VAC Motorsport) 304 camshaft,

New IE dual race valve springs with Febi rocker arms and eccentrics

Dual Weber 45 DCOE carbs with new velocity stacks – fresh rebuild by B&W Autosport

ARP head studs

New IE timing chain and tensioner rail

New IE water pump

New oil pump with race baffled oil pan

New IE HD urethane motor mounts

Ceramic coated race header and rear exiting straight exhaust with stainless tip

IE Remote oil filter housing adapter with Accusump with manual valve

Remote oil cooler & filter and Russell steel braided hose and fittings

New electric Carter fuel pump and filter and steel braided flex lines

Oversized aluminum radiator with new 185F thermostat and electric pusher cooling fan.

New points, plugs, cap, rotor, condenser, plug wires. 

165 hp at the wheels - swap cam to 316 it could make over 175+ at the wheels


Driveline –

Vintage legal and highly desirable and rare Getrag 235/5 close ratio dogleg 5-speed transmission that is estimated to be worth over $5,000

New racing clutch with ARP flywheel bolts

Lightened flywheel

New IE master and slave cylinders for transmission with new braided steel flex line

New qiubo flex disk and aligned driveshaft

Limited slip differential



Suspension –

Completely rebuilt with all new hardware.

Shortened front TII struts with new Bilstein Sport strut inserts

Ireland Engineering (IE) stage 2 racing springs in rear

IE urethane solid bushings all around.      

IE Adjustable camber plates in front

IE Stage 2 (22 mm hollow) front sway bar – adjustable

IE Stage 2 (22 mm solid) rear sway bar – adjustable

Front strut brace

IE front sub frame reinforcement with welded lower control arms

Welded and boxed rear trailing arms

Welded IE motor mount support


Brakes -

Vintage legal upgraded front brakes with 4-piston Volvo calipers and ventilated rotors

Vintage legal upgraded rear brake with 320i rear drums

New IE dual system brake master cylinder and all new custom hard lines

New IE stainless braided flexible brake lines

New Hawk race pads - not currently installed

Brake booster delete



Chassis -

Body is in very good shape and extremely straight (no signs of any incidents – sat in garage for 15 years before I purchased and rebuilt)

Completely refreshed in late 2017 - media blasted to bare medal

Painted BMW Inka orange with flat black hood, trunk and body line

Turbo style steel welded fender flares 

Weight reduction modifications competed by removing unnecessary bulkhead metal (radiator apron, windshield, rear trunk floor and rear seat) and stripping unneeded hardware (headlights, wipers and more) – estimated to weight under 2100 lbs.

Includes 2 front air dams that are currently not installed.  One is original fiberglass and other is new IE polyethylene

Rear strut brace with rear mounted battery

Racequip tow straps front and rear

IE long press-in wheels studs all around


Roll Cage -

Welded cage with main hoop, front hoop, bottom door bars, rear cross brace, x-type door bars on driver’s side and a single bar for passenger door

Helmet and steer wheel hooks




New fiberglass dash with Autometer gauges (low oil pressure and water pressure warning lights). 

New Kirkey Series 55 aluminum racing seat (18.5 in) with cover and rear support brace

New Racequip 5 point camlock safety harness with thinner 2 inch shoulder straps for more comfortable Hans use

Quick release Mono steering wheel with Howe 2:1 ratio steering quickener

All new race wiring with new switches including kill switch and covered aviation type toggle switches

Parabolic rear mirror and Chrome convex bullet side mirrors

Sparco shift knob



Race Prep Level -

VRG Trams Am (TA-2) 2 legal prep level

13X6 inch alloy Performance Wheel Minilite wheels

Toyo R888 225/45R – 13 tires (about 2 hours of racing on them)

Fiberglass hood and truck

Lexan sunroof, rear and side windows

New 12 gal fuel cell




New VRG logbook

All BMW 2002 related tools and spares (original window glass, wheels, gaskets, parts and etc)




Why I’m selling it?

This is my seventh vintage race car project in 20 years and it took 3 years to complete; about 1-1/2 years too long.  It was built for safety, reliability but with a nice “kick” to help keep it near the front of the pack.

I built it to race when my two sons were just “helpers”.  A few years later and my vintage racing environment (and home life) has changed drastically. 

Both sons are now away at college and one has raced very successfully the last 2 years in a Formula Vee and my other son is planning to do the VRG school in 2019.  This car was great when I had one car and three sets of hands and plenty of trailer and storage space. 

Now I have one set of hands and 2 race cars to maintain therefore I have been talked into getting another FV to replace this, mainly by my FV racer son.  Plus two FVs would much easier to load and fit into our current trailer and its storage location (can’t upgrade the trailer).

            The VRG (our club) has just started that VeeRG FV challenge series that is becoming a great success and I have many friends that are begging me to come back to my roots and get back into a FV.

            I still have a list of things I would like to do to complete it but they are cosmetic and maybe a new owner would want them done differently – including grill in fill with mesh and fake headlights, front air dam install (have 2), rear bumper install (I like the current look), add air filters and other minor things.



Located in Pittsburgh PA.


Will strongly consider a race ready vintage Formula Vee as partial swap (needs to fit large driver at 6 ft and about 215 lbs, less when racing a FV).


Note – pictures show old mirrors.  Currently using this style - www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=12685 




Selling separately or can package with this:

Original steel hood painted blue but in excellent condition (no rust)

Original steel truck painted blue but in great condition (no rust but small holes where wing was mounted)

Early low profile rear chrome bumper in good condition (minor rust on chrome)



2018-06-13 07.32.54.jpg

2018-06-13 07.33.02.jpg

2018-06-13 07.33.09.jpg

2018-06-13 07.33.15.jpg

2018-06-13 07.32.45.jpg

2018-06-13 07.33.25.jpg

2018-06-13 07.34.05.jpg

2018-06-13 07.34.35.jpg

2018-06-13 07.34.48.jpg

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Sorry - no.  I am currently planning to attend and race at the Watkins Glen VRG race on Oct 5 - 7.


PIB is on my list but its more difficult to get that much time off work during the week.  It is only 4 hr from home, so one of these days I'll be there.




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