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Fonthill - Nashville Tennessee road trip

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Left home Saturday morning.  First delay was already at the peace bridge (fort Erie).

Spent 2 hours to cross the boarder. 

Then the rain started and 36 hours later it's still raining non stop.  Not the weather you want with an convertible. Also my speedometer stopped working counting but it still tells me the speed.  

It's Sunday evening and we are close to Cincinnati Ohio.  I noticed that grease on my front rims coming out of the wheel bearing.  Want to clean the bearings in the morning and put new grease in it. Probably old grease, bad roads, and high speed is not good for a 46y old car.


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Roeland... hows the trip going? old cars love to go fast!!! drove my 73tii out to Cape Breton and back this summer... loves it at a buck 40 all the way.

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I am back from my road trip to Nashville TN, Everything went well. In Ohio I thought that crease was running out of my left front wheel bearing. Found this BMW specialist that used to Race 02's.
Just Blau Mit Weiss, 3251 Highland Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45213 https://www.facebook.com/Just-BlauMitWeiss-549855058423292/?ref=page_internal . The owner John and his team right away made time for us and checked the wheel bearing. Lucky there was nothing wrong and he checked all vital points of the car before we went back on the road again.
When we left the shop the rain finally stopped and the rest of the week it was sun and temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees. 
Monday afternoon we visit Lane motor museum Nashville https://www.lanemotormuseum.org . This museum has a huge European car collection including a BMW 320 made by Baur from 1938. https://www.lanemotormuseum.org/collection/cars/item/bmw-320-1938
In the Basement of the building are about 400 cars that are not on display and we got a private tour to see them. This is one of the advantages of showing up with a rare car.
Friday morning we left Nashville to drive the back roads back home, after 800km of back roads it was time to hit the Highway. It was like my car was happy to get on the autobahn, no more traffic lights. 











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