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Cruise control, early rear bumper brackets, alternator, starter, early oil filter housing, water dividers.

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Cruise control pulled from a 73 2002/4spd $10?

I do if it works or anything about it. I pulled it, it's complete as far as I can tell I'd never put it in any of my cars but anyone can have it for next to nothing.


Water dividers $25 each


Early oil filter housing $40


Starter works great! $40


Alternators working when pulled $35 each


Rear bumper brackets $75


Always open to offers


[email protected]

PayPal ready003c0c6cf7ca7c5f0fdbbd65ca0d6954.jpga4f331715fe9a7407e5b90e4d7328d89.jpg87dbb4d248cb507a6ce65d1ad4c61f0e.jpg95ede5a50f30651904f5238ea5df45f0.jpgb3e8800aebddcd1d3a4cf268652f72c6.jpgc6080cc58c3e0bb3d0c5bfdd63d43876.jpg0431166725be81cfed14f253010dffa0.jpgd7c730af7241ac15b6a2460d633c413c.jpgcc642a68b8ec82e6dd06b3ee36889dff.jpg56a789e30f9a448deb2bd26f8badda8c.jpg9d0af9026dee3241e388aa3648400481.jpgf963293a6f89ddcc9f2a69b3d1633ad2.jpgca7aac6e43006a404918fdfc2fbcb774.jpg


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