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1998 323i convertable

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I have the chance to pick up a '98 323i conv. at a great price from my mother-in-law. It was my late father-in-laws car. Has 91k miles and recent brakes and tires. I'm considering this for my son. What do you guys think? Good car? Known problems? Chick magnet???

PS...my son is 16and discovering girls:-)

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Guest Anonymous

They do have a few issues, like any other car.

1) Radiator

2) Water pump 10 or 11/96 date transition from plastic to metal.

3) Rear shock mounts

4) Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (usually on cars driven hard)

5) Convertibles, rear windows are plastic, so they fog up.

6) Shocks tend to wear out at 50/60k like any hydraulic shock.

7) If its an auto, it will be like any other BMW auto, either it lasts forever or it dies at 120k miles.

Otherwise the convertible is the heaviest/slowest E36 (when compared to equal motor in the other versions).

They are pretty reliable though, and should provide ample opportunity for many DIY projects.


'76 02

'97 m3


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Guest Anonymous

But while I was driving the 02 in HS those were the guys I hated... and I got more chicks anyway! get him a nice 02. Show the ladies his sensitive side.


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Guest Anonymous

It's a great car. The '98 should have side impact airbags as well. I have had mine for 5 months and have been very pleased. The plastic window can be polished out or replaced if neccessary cause they zip out. It's still expensive to replace though. I picked up a hardtop for the winter and that was pretty sweet.

I think it's the best e36 varient the convertible lines really show the body off well. A quality built car. Check on roadfly, e36 board. someone posted a really nice long list of things peculiar to an e36. Ask and someone will direct you to that roadfly url.

Mark B

'99 M3 cab

'67 2000 coupe

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Guest Anonymous

with 160,000 on it. Bulletproof. I've changed one water, one battery, and that's it.

Dad had an E36 323i Auto like that. It felt sluggish if you didn't get on it, but then it would move. The AT is GM Hydramatic of all things. His had been mistreated, so he got rid of it an bought an E46 330i Sport. We both prefer the 318 with a 5-speed to either of those, but great car.

My $.02


'70 2002

'75 2002

'80 528i

'94 318iC

'66 Dodge Coronet

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