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While cleaning up my engine bay and suspension, I found the a PO hacked up the front subframe (cut slots where the swing arm bolts to the subframe. I can weld it up but would rather buy one that has the holes exactly where intended. Anyone got one cheap? Beers on me if you are near Houston. Thanks. 


EDIT: Can anyone confirm the design center-center distance for those holes. Based on what's left, it appears to be ~472mm.


FYI, I posted in the WTB forum but thought I would copy here with some photos. All four holes buggered, with washers tacked on one side and they had the tubes tacked in but they came loose.


Be warned, it's not pretty.


2018-08-16 15.09.36.jpg

2018-08-16 15.10.35.jpg

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JPLips came through with a replacement subframe. Just as a followup, the dimensions do appear to be ~475mm between the control arm bolt holes (681mm between the frame support holes).

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