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If you are interested, I could go up to the shop and take some pictures?

So some more info, The motor was rebuilt supposedly 10k ago. It was running good and strong. It was my first 02 in about 20+ years. Driving down the road, The bolt that holds the front crank pulley fell out unnoticed. All hell broke loose in my garage. Oil and shit everywhere. 


Quote form the seller "M10 engine completely rebuilt with 292 cam in cylinder head, port and polishing of intake and exhaust, match port to stainless header, nicely broken in runs excellent, nice power".


That being said, I did confirm the 292 cam. It was a "regrind". IMO those are shit and I would replace it with a Schrick 292 or go back to the original. I used the Weber 32/36 on my other 2002. Everything else is still attached. The motor is currently out of the car. I decided to swap for an M42 as the car and motor were not numbers matching anyway and I really wanted to do a resto mod. 


Let me know, I'm sure it would be much more convenient to find on locally. True to my dumb ass self, I didn't take any pictures before I removed it. I found these pictures from the PO. They aren't going to help you much but everybody likes pictures. 




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I have a 123K mile motor from an1983 e21 It was said to be good running but pulled for an engine swap Of course it's a 1.8 but I would part with it for $450  It's located in Escondido so you could just pick it up It's complete with injection 

If it were mine, I'd put it in the car and see if it runs well, before I decided to pour money into a rebuild

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