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I love cars and coffee! Baby got a chance to stretch the new engine, about 100 miles round trip from Panama City Beach to Destin, FL. Got up to 65 mph with ease, but Ruby was un-easy so we cruised mostly between 50 and 60. How are C&C's in other parts of the country?


DestinC&C 8-4-2018.JPG

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How did you get the shady place?


I was going through some old photos and ra across this one from Baby's racy past:




And this shot of the extremely rare factory aerodynamic aid for racing 700's:  ;-))



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Looks like the guy who broke the passenger side door handle there!

I don't think Baby ever raced per say. No roll cage for starters and the single carb motor just wouldn't cut it. 

I am rebuilding that motor now and was surprised to find 6-bolt heads on 4-bolt cylinders. It also had Jahns pistons. Slightly domed, but not like Sport pistons. The heads had the 38mm intake valves. I am guessing that Vaser's crew threw this motor together from what was laying around.

I really enjoy your racing videos. Ruby noticed that I was leaning through the curves!

Regards, Ray


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