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Sold 1974 BMW 2002

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You sure know how to bullshit.

I call for nothing but informing potential buyers of an honest and serious nature, and you chatise for what, that I respond to the very retarded shit you accuse me of. Dumb.

That is about as phony a baloney as it gets.

No one is calling my behavior into question, though the insect like conformity is so very progressive of you to express. 

As I said, every body dies. You think you aren't packed full to the brim with hubris?

I am here to offer a vehicle for sale.

Every single post not relevant AND honest to that purpose are your points of contention, not my behavior.

You agree, you don't, I do not care. 

Are you seriously and honestly interested in purchasing the vehicle I have posted for sale?

If not, esty says you have an absolute right to digress anywhere on this site.

Others say no way, Jose, that ain't how we play.

Figure out if you are one way or the other. You can't be both ways.

You agree, or you disagree? Guess what, I do not care.

Nothing in this thread has anything to do with all of the positive things you posted about this site. Posted as if they are being threatened by my presence. That's so friendly of you. And so very helpful.

I stick to the offering for sale and everyone else sticks to the offering of sale and none of the above you are disturbed by ever occurs.

Grow a pair, grow up, or not, again, I do not care. I am not your mother. I am not your father. 

All this deviation is of the making of others, whose posts have been thoroughly imbued with their hubris. Dumb.

Whether this site is the path via which a serious buyer purchases my offered for sale vehicle or not, nothing can change the fact that disingenuous members of this site community soil the very positive and helpful nature of it's purpose.

So, comrade minded, not at all hubristic bullshitter, I could do a parsing of your many not at all subtle nazi flavored all must conform nonsense, but when I think of the pointlessness of trying to penetrate your cloak of false friendliness, why bother? You need to feel you are made of superior stuff than most others, as you dread the thought that you, as all, are mere meat, blood and bone. Find your humility. 


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Calling someone a cunt from behind a keyboard is weak and pathetic.


You want to say it their face, that's something different.


You're not acting like anyone's parent; you're acting like a spoiled little child.


And for the record, I did my time in the military to fight such things as fascism as my family escaped before they were murdered.  You want to accuse me of some nazi bullshit, say it to my face.

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Now, who did I call a cunt? Hmmmmm.......

It's a meme.

And who, pray tell, has instigated and exagerated and now seeks to escalate what is truly a deceptive, alinsky, prevarication play?

You soil yourself with your fake outrage.

Were you to be who you just claim to be, you would be so thoroughly deceptive in your postings.

I am here for the sole purpose of finding a buyer for my beemer.

Why are you here?

To talk smack?



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