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Sold 1974 BMW 2002

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Price: $4000
Location: Chicago, Il


1974 BMW 2002 Square Tail


Looking for younger owner, with enthusiasm equal to her potential.

Interior quite ready for restoration.

Body solid, sunroof needs screwy cable replaced.

The usual restoration amenities are beckoning.

Illinois titled since 2007.

All convo via email.

(Only these pics, as, for some mysterious reason, probably my abysmal 4G speeds, no more would display)





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Hello, this is Chris. We have have chatting via email. Can you post a few photos of the engine and interior? Also, any chance you are able to hold the phone down near the floor and grab a photo or two of the undercarriage?

Chris W.
Milwaukee, WI

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Gentlemen, please. 

The moderators here will reliably make some decision concerning this issue raised by a fellow who found that I did not consider his words to equal his bond. If any other potentially interested parties find his reasonings reasonable, his suggested methods of "closing the deal" sensable, feel free to not waste your time trying to hustle. 

My posting is for the purpose of seeing my beemer into the hands of an appreciative person who will give her the attention to return to daily, pleasing usefulness. 

An offer of quick cash, full ask, accompanied by the suggested means this fellow proposed were not persuasive. Not everyone jumps to the scent of full ask in cash.


That's all for now, unless the moderators see fit to seek more.

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Re: jgerock


Your observation is correct. The fellow I bought her from, in 2007, had freshly repainted, as he had also painted a late 1960's Volkswagon Beetle the same exact color. For me, I had little to no concern about the job being a perfect one, as I've lived more than long enough to know the futility of wanting perfection, let alone trying to achieve it. Also why the interior didn't come into play for me.

What mattered to me was the engine, drive train, body substantially free, not ever gonna  be totally free, of rust and the amenities I could deal with as I found the time, money and energy.

Yes, this one will be a bit of a challenge to those not accustomed to seeking, finding and meeting challenges. I think she's worth the effort, though I don not have nearly enough effort left in me these days to start what I am unlikely to finish.

Thus, I post her for sale.

Anyway, whoever truly is interested will find her and come see her and decide from there.

My caution in accepting anything said to me on this is required these days, as, being an oldman, I find that the thought of fighting bodes ill for mostly me. Thus, I am cautious.

Anyway, quite the eventful Sunday morning.....unexpectedly.

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As for Dan here, he is continuing a serial gmailing venting of his frustrated spleen. My craigslisting email forwarding is proving to be most wise. Apparently, Dan thinks that sending someone to "see" my beemer and, implying most vigprously, "set me straight" is a course reasonable to pursue. Not true. 

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Thank you, Jim.


After all this exciting drama, I'm in need of an afternoon power snooze. No, I ain't no sissy, just gettng to that point of no return a bit sooner than my youthful self imagined. Kinda a cmmon thing I expect. Appreciation, not the money knd, is the path to satisfaction.

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