$8200!! GO TO PAGE 3-4 for current 1991 318is For Sale

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Have another 318is for sale on here that is a collector piece per low mileage with originality and condition. Please PM with anyone who knows of a great home for her? Will pay finders fee for anyone who helps me sell her.

Thank you to all!¬†ūüėÄ




























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1991 BMW 318is 

Brilliantrot over black with rare black headliner 

Numbers matching everywhere

8.5 out of 10 overall survivor condition 

Original paint(except for pass. fender but matches perfect)

Original interior 

Complete toolkit 

Complete jack set

Original owners manual 

Original service book with service stamps from 1991!!!

Maintenance records from last 20 years with over $22k spent in services!!!! 

No rust at all

Clean carfax 

Runs and drives amazing needs nothing mechanically 

Cold AC!! 

Needs: finishing cosmetics including rear spoiler and getting a front oem front spoiler lip painted in Brilliantrot, also getting fog deletes painted as well as mirrors taken off and painted at same time; this will complete her for sure

(about $600) 

Was going to list for $12,500-13k but I'd sell privately and quickly for $10,500 just to move it to a good home and move onto new projects asap. She would probably pull near $14k on BAT tbh with everything factored into the equation, non of these drive this good without spending $3k off the bat and almost none of these have working cold AC.

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On 7/30/2018 at 11:24 AM, cagedbunny said:

The 318is was a *1* year production, and has a cult following.  They are lighter than any of the 6-cylinder cars, and notably lighter than an E30 M3.  No, the M42 is no power-house, but it is genuinely a fun motor, and makes the E30 chassis feel more lively than a 325.  They earned the nicknames "Baby M3" and "Poor-man's M3" for having the same revving/tossable feel, but without the $10K+ engine price tag. 

And period BMW advertising billed 'em as "the 2002 of the 90s."  I have a nearly identical car in the same original condition, and it's an absolute ball to drive, especially with some tasteful suspension mods and an engine chip.  My license plate?  "A 91 02".  This one looks like a great car for someone who wants a more modern version of a 2002--with A/C that works and an engine that just loves to rev.



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Looks like a nice car.  Why not list it on Bring a Trailer instead of lowering the price so much?  I also think the commentary will help sell your car or at a minimum allow you get better feeling for the actual value in the current market.


Good luck!

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Thank you for the insight sir. I have watched BAT for a while and love it, just haven't listed with them yet. I stay pretty busy with my real estate business along with my family and 2 kiddos so I didn't want to dedicate that much time to BAT at the moment and thought I'd just lower the price of these (2) current 318is I have for sale and just move them quickly and to good community homes. I will start listing on BAT when I have a little more time to fully dedicate to that platform for sure.


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sounds reasonable but I might add that potential buyers that are not already experts on these cars will be more comfortable purchasing from someone whom they do not know if the "experts" vet/bless the car.  I would submit it is even more important on a 318is as so many were ridden hard and put away wet.  I can say for certain that it has helped me as I consider various cars for which I have limited personal experience.  Good luck on your sale.

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Let's go guys/gals! Need a buyer for this gem today, at $8500 this is a steal! The car needs $1k to finish off and is worth around $13-14k easily with originality, condition, and records since 1991! NO rust at all and COLD AC to boot with no accidents clean carfax and matching #'s everywhere!!  I can facilitate with shipping around the country as I have an awesome shipping broker here in FL that gets the best rates hands down.


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