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WWOT: What do you guys think about 3rd Gen Rx7s?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I've been obsessing over these cars for so long. I know the Wankels

have pretty short life spans but I think it would be worth it. I just got

into med school today so there may be a chance of a new car. Just

wondering what you guys think.


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Guest Anonymous

I have several friends who street race RX7's.. they're crap. Honestly!

This is a no bull$hit post. Rotary's do NOT tolerate one PING of

detonation. I've seen them rebuild an engine.. go out and have like a

lean condition for half a second and blow the engine up 1 hour later.

Then go back and rebuild it. The 12A and the 13B are modular so it's

an easy rebuild. I think it takes him like an hour to pull the

engine... 45 mins to rebuild it and another hour for install. You will

blow an apex seal almost imediatly if it pings Or mess a side seal up.

At that point the motor will lame out and sounds like blllllahhhhhh

blahhhh blahhh... Ok now with that in mind. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT


The stock boost setting is ok for longevity.. (aka 75k max) If you have

the slightest twitch of wanting to mod or raise the boost you NEED to

get standalone box for it. A microtech or something. Rebuilding a

13b can be done on the side of the highway with like 5 tools and two

monkeys... the engines are stupid simple. The problem is that you

probably will be rebuilding it on the side of the highway when it breaks

down. Here's the problem. When an apex seal goes.. it flies out the

exhaust port hopefully on the first pass instead of staying in there and

tearing up the rotor housing.. now when this piece of apex seal goes

out the exhaust it makes a nice ding in the turbine blade of the turbo...

usually it will keep going and hit the second turbo as well. Needless

they are crap. You can ask my friend izak about it. He had a 13b with

a full T4 on it pushing 20lbs of boost. It hauled ass!! Izak also bought

8 engine gasket kits from me for rebuilding that engine. You MUST

have a good tune on them. (something he wasn't good at.. it's very hit

or miss) A microtech standalone efi will extend the rebuild time to like

yearly on a modded motor. Best thing you can do for a 3rd gen. Take

the 13b out and do a LS1 conversion. Oh it looks so sweet. Friend of

mine has that. Runs 11.59 quarters on a stock LS1.. It keeps the

handling well within reason. Enjoy and congrats on medschool...

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Guest Anonymous

I've heard that 3rd gen RX-7s are nothing but trouble. Great

performance, but very unreliable. A used Honda S2000

would be a good alternative to a 3rd gen RX-7. While it might

be more expensive, the S2000s are newer and far more


I have an 84 RX-7 GSL-SE and couldn't be happier with it.

The normally aspirated rotaries are dead reliable if not

modded heavily and well maintained. My car only has 136k

miles, but it is 20 years old, and still runs great and is all


The first and second gen cars are a bargain right now. I paid

$450 for my car back in October and the only thing I've done

is replace the catalytic converters. Other than changing the

oil regularly, that's it. And I've taken the car on two 500 mile

trips during my ownership and drive it at least a couple of

days every week.

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Guest Anonymous

And it will be a good motor. I guess with each newer version of the RX7 the seals got smaller, as power increased....... Yeah, doesn't make sense. That is why my teacher had to rebuild his motor at 25000 miles. He put in the older seals, which are like 2mm thicker or something like that, and its great now.

Its why the new RX8 is not turbo'd as of now, because the latest version of it didn't run well, but the reason it did that was they made those seals smaller when they shouldn't have..



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Guest Anonymous


I'll be going to Saint Louis University this fall. The rx7 idea is

something I have been thinking about for so long but I'll probably not

go through with it. I know upgrading to 3mm apex seals after a

rebuild is supposed to make the motors much more reliable. There are

a bunch out there with fresh well done rebuilds at pretty reasonable

prices. I don't know if I could let go of my 02 so I would always have a

backup car if the rx7 goes down :) Another idea I have been

entertaining is getting a yamaha yzf r6. Regardless I'll need to get

settled in saint louis to see what my life is going to be like.


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