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tii quit on me...

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Hmm... This is puzzling.

Well for starters, I removed the Behr A/C today and installed a MSD 6A, Red Coil, new wires and Plugs.

Car was running >great<, then all of a sudden about 10 minutes into my drive, a puff and no start no matter what I try.

I thought by chance that the MSD blew out, so on the road side, I put back my blue coil, routed it through the ballast, disconnected the MSD and went back to square one.

No go.

I noticed though that I have a coolant leak coming from one of the bolts that Behr compressor bracket was hooked up to.

When I try to start her, it cranks and I get tiny backfire coming from the engine bay when I turn the key to the OFF position.

Any ideas?

Really too bad, I was having a blast.

That MSD fires up the engine instantaneously. Simply amazing.

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Guest Anonymous

if they ignition quit, u may have gas fouled the plugs when trying to start it again. Pull the plugs and have a look. Or floor it and crank til it starts (not a guranteed method!).

Good luck,


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Guest Anonymous

1) Is the cold start injector leaking? Pull the air cleaner and turn on the ignition. The cold start injector just inside the throttle body should spray briefly and then shut off with no continued dripping. If it's dripping, you'll want to find a replacement injector. If it doesn't stop spraying, the controller is bad. You can drive the car without it by unplugging the wire harness from the top of the injector. It will be hard to start, you'll have to keep cranking for a while is all.

2) Warm-up regulator not closing, or engine coolant not warming up completely: it's on the back of the injection pump. A rod about 1/4" diameter with a hat-shaped nut/washer piece on it should be extending about 10 mm from a cylinder on the back of the pump. If it's not, check your coolant temperature. If it's not getting warm enough the warmup regulator will keep running the engine at a rich mixture. If coolant temperature is okay, the warmup regulator needs help.



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Guest Anonymous

Some how my distributor rotor is broken.

The plastic wedge inside of it is completely broken off.

I could freely move it 360* in any direction.

Makes sense why all my plugs are fouled with gas.

How could this happen?

My worry though, is the small backfire I get from turning the key to the OFF position.

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