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Newbie here so apologies if this isn't the correct place to ask but I figure no one knows better than locals...


I am considering purchase of a '72 2002 out in Pleasanton. I know some of the vehicle's history including that it was previously involved in a deer strike that appears from pics well addressed. I'm back east outside Baltimore and need to be sure -- or as sure as one can ever be -- that I am not making a mistake here. Looking for recommendations on good PPI providers who know 2002s and are "local" to Pleasanton. Even better is someone who would travel to the seller.


Thanks for your recommendations!



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We have some San Francisco Bay Area shops listed on [].  On our new homepage, look for Service providers in the drop-down menu from Tech Resources.


I used Edge Motorworks in Dublin [] for a Post Purchase Inspection on an E36 when I was between (driveable) 2002's.  Dublin is just across the I-580 freeway from Pleasanton.  Edge specializes in BMW's and autocrosses with BMWCCA.


Just 15 or 20 miles North of Pleasanton there are a couple of shops in Walnut Creek, M-Service and Wolfgangs, that have 2002 race cars; see


A few years back Tom Jones made a house call for me to look at a tii.  He told me that if he had brought some injection pump seals with him he could have had it running.  Eventually someone else bought that tii and we saw it at some of our events. You should be able to PM Tom on this site.


Good luck!  Do you plan to move to Pleasanton to be with your car or will you drive it across the US in a road trip adventure (a little like I did with my tii from St. Louis in January 2010)?



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