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Stolen '02 - Boulder, CO

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Hi Everyone,


My wife and I returned from a friends wedding (gone June 6-16th) to find our '72 2002 was no where to be found.

Was taken from a parking lot at our apartment complex in Boulder, CO.

It's not at the tow yards, and the police have no records of it.

We love the old thing. We have travelled across the US in it.

Fixed it on the side of the road in the middle of no where. Made friends over repairs. It's our adventure mobile.


Some noticeable bits:

VIN: 2580125

Malaga faded with patina

The rear towers were re-welded and the welding job was kind of ameteurish

The interior door panels were redone by previous owner but lacked the chrome trim 3/4 up from the bottom

Newly replaced engine mounts

Electronic ignition system

Front bumper was tweaked


Please keep an eye out for it.


Lots of images here (scroll down): https://www.instagram.com/gooddaychaps/




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That is absolutely horrible man, I am just south of you about 45 mins. I will keep an eye out. 

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Tonight the thieves were arrested and the car returned.


The culprits go by "Waldo" and "Sunshine". Classic Boulder. 


The front bumper is mangled, but at least it's back.


Thanks for the help everyone. Now to look into theft-proofing the car...

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