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This is actually my car, I sold the motor in the Fall to the current seller.  His description is close enough to the reality that I've come to understand in the 5 years I owned it, but as stated I bought the car sight unseen on eBay in the Fall of 2012.


I really like the color, as does almost everybody who sees the car.  I've had many positive comments on the paint.  I don't know the name, as I bought the car already painted, but I'm attaching a photo of the label from the can of paint that I found in the trunk the car.  I do know that it's BASF Diamont paint, though I can't seem to find any information on the codes.  Needless to say, the cars provenance is mostly unknown and patched together in odd coincidences.  Let me know what you turn up as I might find it useful as time moves on and I need to re-touch it.


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