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WOT: Looking for guitar sound specs, to know something preci

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I would like to know the frequency in hz of the overal

c-d-e-f-g-a-b, if c=around 2500hz

I know some guitar tuning tools show the actual frequency with the correct "letter"...

Thanks !!

Pat Allen

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Guest Anonymous

In standard white European tuning, A=440.

Next octave up doubles frequency, so A also = 880, etc...

see, told you I was no help. I'd better stick to cars...


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Guest Anonymous

There is no C in most tunings that is at 2500 hz. The closest is the C three octaves above middle C that is at 2093 hz.

In that octave, here are the frequencies of the 12 note chromatic scale:

A 1,760.000

A#/Bb 1,864.655

B 1,975.533

C 2,093.005

C#/Db 2,217.461

D 2,349.318

D#/Eb 2,489.016

E 2,637.020

F 2,793.826

F#/Gb 2,959.955

G 3,135.963

G#/Ab 3,322.438

A 3,520.000

These are tempered pitches (mathematically derived). Just intonation takes into account the non-linear nature of pitch frequencies (the same note has a different frequency depending on the key you're in).

Sadly, I seem to know more about tuning instruments than tuning engines...

Good Luck

Posaune (1971 Riviera and 1987 music degree)

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Guest Anonymous

answer usually 2 or more that are correct. People from every walk of life here in 02 land. Freaking scary almost every age group too, oh yes and sexes I know is only two hehehe

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