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OT; any way to spot an e28 M535i engine from standard 535i??

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

In Europe the M535 came in two flavors. The first one was a standard 535 with the 12 valve 215HP motor but with plastic aerodynamics than included front bumper-spoiler, side skirts and rear valance. It also had a Recaro interior. Then in 1985 came the 24 valve 288HP Motorsport M535 (known here as the M5). It either had the standard chromed bumpers and the for later one, the plastic aerodynamics.

NO M535i was made for the US or Canadian market. They would be grey market imports.

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://www.m535i.org/e28info.html

in apperance between a euro M535i engine and a US 535 engine of roughly the same years. Some M535i engines where "green" that they where fitted with a cat converter from the factory and hence has the basic 186 hp US spec engines. The 218 hp euro spec engine is identical in appearance so you'll need to check the engine VIN to see what it is. Go to M535i.org and you can copy down the M535i VIN's..

Good luck!

Just curious.. you're not going to put this engine into a 2002 now are you?


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Guest Anonymous


M535i on the e28...

standard 3.2/3.5 bottom end

12 valve engine

m suspension

one piece front spoiler/bumper - plastic colour coded

one piece rear skirt/spoiler (two exhaust tips) plastic

side skirts - plastic colour coded

later models had colour coded mirrirs, early ones didnt

rear light cluster trim in black - not chrome

standard glass trim chrome

m sports seats front and rear (cloth standard - leather option) seats are manual not electric

3 spoke m wheel

erm,,thats it i think....

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Guest Anonymous

UK/Euro ones:

single cam

0:1 compression ratio

218 bhp

229 foot pounds

Ran on unleaded (we had probs in the end finding 5 star fuel)

later version "Green" package

Cat, lower compression pistons (8:1)

185 bhp

About 9,000 E28 M535i's produced. All cars were in "euro" trim and never exported officially

the engine compartment.

VIN info from the Australian e28 board:

check the VIN #.WBADC -

The next 2 #'s need to be an odd number and then either a 1 or a 2 (: (51) for standard shift. If

the first number is even, then it's automatic.

The rest of the VIN needs to be numbers: (0901265365) with the last 6

digits standing for the serial number.

If it's WBADCx4xxxxxxxxxx, then it's a US model.

One major problem is that during the time the E28 M535i was produced,

the VIN coding was changed and there really is no sure way to

differentiate between cars, other than having my list try to decode it

for you (we have some sort of database of VIN's we know about) or

getting into contact with BMW Mobile Traditions.

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